Drexel University, friends, & fathers

A group of graduate students taking a class in Digital Tools at Drexel University in Philadelphia, under the tutelage of Diane Zatz, wanted a field trip and chose a Father's Day Werkman workshop at Lead Graffiti for the experience.

With our new website run through Squarespace, a sweet and reasonably easy function is to create a carousel of images. So, we are going to try it for each workshop with up to maybe 20 images.

A WORD ABOUT US CHOOSING IMAGES. We've looked at a thousand of these things and more than anything we like typographic ideas and not just a "pretty" piece. The point of the workshop is typographic experimentation and mainly that is what we look for.

  • some way of using type we haven't seen before
  • some are chosen because there is small area we like (we call that part of the image a "nugget," a term we borrowed from Martha Carothers, and it may only be a square inch)
  • an amusing, curious, or thought-provoking juxtaposition of shapes
  • an unusual way of repeating the same element
  • imagining that it could make an interesting initial cap for a magazine article
  • would stand out on a book jacket
  • just an idea to put on your shelf to pull down at a later time.

Click on the image below to cycle through about a dozen that we picked out to highlight.