Indivisible card #13


Our newest Indivisible card is ready to mail to all U.S. Senators and another 50 friends or so, along with media, supporters and non-supporters alike. The idea came from an MSNBC  interview about 10 days ago about the events along the Mexico border. It was taken from a momentary phrase during a 5-minute discussion. I wish I could remember who was being interviewed. We thought the sentiment was powerful. 

It should be in the mail tomorrow.

The news accounts surrounding the attempted border crossings and the "disappearing" of kids has been quite disturbing to us. We've tried to imagine a sequence of events that lead me, in the name of my children, to walk out of my country with my only earthly possessions being the things I could carry. Fortunately for us, I was never confronted with such a situation. 

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cannot imagine how it feels when your previous life is simply given up for dead?

So, you dream the American dream. You come to the United States, running from abject poverty, drug gangs, and corrupt politics, traveling the entire length of Mexico, only to have your kids essentially kidnapped by the U.S. government. Little or no warning. No normal directions of how or when that will be correctable. We see the news and at least reasonably are aware of what is happening, but what about these immigrant parents?

Once, my 16-year-old brother was wrongly arrested in Rome, Italy, just because he was standing outside a car that had drugs in it. It took my parents, who were quite well off and knew lots of influential people in Italy (including the Pope), 6 weeks to get him freed. It was a trauma that impacted our family and our opinion of foreign governments for decades.

The news lately nauseates me. I want to wrap myself in a voting booth.

We are hoping to involve more of our politically inclined friends and Indivisible comrade in creating their cards. We took a serious stack of the paper we use to print these postcards and printed 4 versions of the logo we designed in grey. At least for the foreseeable future, we will be printing the central element of the cards in black.

The primary typeface is 96 point "Empire," borrowed from Lindsay Schmittle of Gingerly Press. She has a serious run of it which I lust after. I just won an auction on eBay for a nice set of 72 point Empire.