72 point Empire metal type

Lindsay, a good letterpress friend at Gingerly Press, has a nice run of Empire from about 36 point up to 96 point. I've always been envious of it. Since Jill and I got into letterpress, we've fallen in love with condensed faces, and Empire has been a favorite.

This was the first item of Empire type I've seen come up on eBay. With about 5 days to the end of the auction, I figured out the maximum I wanted to pay and set it. If someone went over it, so be it.

Eventually, someone did go over it, and I caught a dangerous infection of auction fever. You bid it up a couple of times, and then you don't want to let it go. I finally figured out the maximum maximum maximum price I was willing to pay, and that is precisely the final bid that won the auction. The other two people who were pushing the price upwards quit right under my maximum.

I've been using the borrowed type from Gingerly Press for some of my Indivisible cards. Will be nice to have my own and 72 point has enough scale to be fun.

Here are 2 postcards we send to each member of the U.S. Senate every three weeks or so that used Empire.