March for Our Lives / 03.24.18

We cannot imagine the pressure that the rash of school shootings is having on this generation. I remember duck-and-cover drills in the 1950s. It made the world seem scary, but it was a vast world, and the terror was "over there."

Yesterday our 5th grade granddaughter described the active shooter drills they do in her Brooklyn school, huddling in a corner, teacher covering the observation window in the door. It isn't just the world "over there" that is scary. Now it's the hallway.

We want to show our support for sane gun laws. While not against gun ownership for the general population, we do feel there are sensible moves the government could make: keeping guns out of the hands of certain people, closing loopholes to maintain that control, and enforcing the rules put into place.


In each of the marches we've participated in, we've produced a different 6" x 4" postcard that we give out. We have about 1,200 of these at the moment to connect with other concerned citizens.

Jill has a nice way of approaching people and saying,

"You need a sign"

and handing them a card.

At other marches we've given away as many as 1,400 of the cards. We only gave away a couple of hundred this time. Once the march coalesced into the tight crowd you just couldn't get to more than about the 8 people around you. The cards went out to all of the U.S. Senators and the rest of our mailing list the following Monday.