Year-End Show posters from Visual Communications

I stumble across printed samples and photos of some work that was part of my life back in my Visual Communications days. One of the perks that came from being a designer working for clients and doing a lot of printing work (and I tended to work with only 1 or 2 printers) was that I could leverage those printers into printing VC stuff for free.


Year-End Show poster / 1979

If there was a creative moment that I personally started to think that the design program could have national recognition it was with this piece. It was the copy more than the design of the piece. The text which I wrote on the bus coming back from a New York field trip. This is where the idea of the review process to get into the program originated. The text reads...

In the beginning there are 60 sophomores.
They come as designers, illustrators
            typographers and design consultants.
It was more difficult than they imagined.
These sophomores are still with us.

The 60 become 30.
Those that leave, leave for a number
            of reasons: the work, the field,
            the pressure, just to do something else.
Those that stay, stay for the same reasons.
These juniors are still with us.

The 30 become 15.
The reasons are still the same
            but the reward becomes greater.
The excitement of the field becomes
            a part of their work.
Finally they become the designers, illustrators,
            typographers and design consultants they
            thought they started as.
These are the seniors that have stayed.